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Carleton University was established in 1942 in Ottawa – Canadian’s capital city and is known to provide resources to aid experiential learning with its interdisciplinary, active, hands-on approach to teaching and research.

Presently, the university is home to 31,522 full-time and part-time students pursuing more than 65 UG & PG Carleton courses in 50+ disciplines.

In addition to degree programs, Carleton also offers certificate and diploma programs to students in different fields including but not limited to English studies, Economics, Accounting, Professional Writing, etc. In terms of cost as well, the university is comparatively affordable to international students.

Top Courses at Carleton University

The Courses below also include their fees per annum.

  • Master of Computer Science- $13,068
  • M.B.A.- $23,960
  • M.Eng Mechanical Engineering- $17,234
  • Bachelor of Computer Science- $29,037
  • M.B.A. in Financial Management- $30,937
  • M.B.A. Business Analytics- $30,937
  • B.Eng Software Engineering- $29,848
  • M.A. Economics- $17,841
  • B.Com. Management- $24,605
  • B.I.T in Information Resource Management- $27,117
  • B.I.B. in International Marketing and Trade- $24,606
  • M.Eng Electrical and Computer Engineering- $17,234
  • B.Com International Business- $24,605
  • M.A. in Psychology- $17,841
  • B.Math Statistics- $21,137

Carleton University Campus

The 62 hectares Carleton University campus is situated south of Ottawa’s city center beside the official historic UNESCO World Heritage Site – Rideau Canal. Along with being home to architectural masterpieces like the Carleton Technology, there are various eye-catching features of the Carleton campus:

  • It has five kilometers of underground tunnels that link the University’s buildings.
  • The campus has 20 academic buildings that offer 200+ programs.
  • Over 200 active students’ clubs, societies, and organizations annually inside the campus.

The four athletic centers in the Carleton University campus include

  • Provision of a 4,500 square meter sports field – Artificial turf (Rec-Turf 2)
  • 75,000-square-foot David J. Azrieli Pavilion
  • 30 meter 3 lanes jogging track
  • physical recreation center

The campus is in close proximity to Ottawa International Airport (YOW) & Montréal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport (Montréal-Trudeau), costing a one-side fare of around 15 CAD & 35 CAD respectively.

Accommodation at Carleton University

There is on-campus and off-campus accommodation for students at Carleton University. There are two types of living styles at the Residence Complex- traditional style and suite-style.

  • The average annual residence fee is 11,800 CAD and it covers the room fee, meal plan, technology fees (internet, Wi-Fi, etc.), residence association fees (RRRA/GRC), and other utilities for the academic session (September to April)
  • Students in traditional-style residence halls are required to enroll in the All-Access Meal Plan (unlimited entry into the caf and 100 Dining Dollars), while students in suite-style residence complex have the option of the Reduced Meal Plan (10 meals per week and 300 Dining Dollars)
  • All first-year students living in residence are entitled to the All-Access Meal Plan, which provides unlimited entry into our residence dining hall, the cafe, and 100 Dining Dollars
  • The majority of first-year students are allocated traditional single-gender double rooms with shared washroom facilities.
  • Facilities and amenities on campus include washroom facilities, food-preparation area (with fridge and microwave), laundry facility, lounge, Wi-Fi, etc.
  • The University in partnership with – the Off-Campus Housing website, provide off-campus accommodation information and resources to students who wish to live off-campus

Admission Process at Carleton University

International student admissions at Carleton University are conducted in a similar manner for undergraduate and graduate program students.

Method of Application

  • Applications must be made via Carleton 360 portal.
  • 100 CAD (150 CAD for MBA program)

Required Documents

  • Academic Records (transcripts, mark sheets, graduation certificate)
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Recommendation Letter
  • Writing Sample (for PG)
  • CV/Resume
  • GMAT/GRE (for PG)
  • MBA Complement form (if applicable)
  • Funding Sponsorship (if applicable)
  • Third-Party Authorization Form (optional)
  • English Language Capability result (TOEFL-iBT, IELTS, PTE Academic)

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